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Hab gerade noch das gefunden unter:

The Little colourful wonder known to the hobby as Scarlet Gems or Red Badis, is a recently discovered species of the Genus Badis. The fish inhabits small streams in the Northern Districts of Alipur Duar in West Bengal. During February, the streams had water upto a depth of only 60 cm and in some places one could walk across the stream without getting very wet. The stream is known as "Ghotiganga ", which in the local language, signifies a small tributary of a larger River. Badis Bengalensis prefers cooler waters and stays very comfortable upto 15 degrees celsius. In fact warm water of 26 degrees and above seems to cause bacterial infections in the fish very rapidly. It prefers a live diet of worms as compared to frozen or dry feeds.

Was ist jetzt daran, daß er bei Temperaturen über 25° leicht sterben kann?
Halte meine so bei 24,5.
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